Sky Prog Programmer for Atlant washing machines of series 1, 2, 4 allows you to read and program (write firmware) into the configuration area, view error statistics, and also determine the health of the firmware by counting and comparing checksums.

Work takes place with the configuration zone, which is contained in a separate memory chip 24C02.


The ability to work with Atlant 1, 2, 4 series modules is an additional free application.

In order to have the option of working with Atlant modules of series 1, 2, 4, you need to purchase the program in any configuration with Indesit or Candy support.

На данный момент Sky Prog Programmer поддерживает чтение и программирование электронных модулей Atlant серии 1,2 и 4.

For example, these are models: 35M101, 35M81, 35M102, 45U82, 50C102, 50C124, 50C104, 45U84 etc.

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       Equipment for programming

       Connection to PCB

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