Welcome to Sky Prog Programmer!

Sky Prog Programmer is a project designed to work with electronic modules of household appliances. The overall goal of the project is to connect as many opportunities as possible in one place.

This is a finished product that includes a complete set (kit) of tools. It includes both a program code (software, software, computer application) and accessories (hardware: programmers, connectors). So you can purchase everything in one place. At the same time, accessories are also available for self-manufacture, which again allows you to save money. Descriptions, diagrams, pinouts are available in this reference material.

What could be interesting about Sky Prog Programmer?

Here are some key features of the product:

  • Affordable software prices.
  • Affordable prices for equipment for work, and if desired, programmers and connectors can be made independently.
  • It is possible to order both software and accessories (hardware), all in one place - "turnkey".
  • The ability to work both with firmware-configurations (config), and with the entire flash memory of the microcontroller (INDESIT).
  • To work with firmware-configurations of ARCADIA modules, no proprietary key-programmer INDESIT (MERLONI) or its analogues is required, which makes the product unique at the moment. As a programmer, a budget USB-UART converter based on the FT232RL chip is used.
  • The program notifies the user about new versions.
  • The program is installed through the server, which allows you to install and update the program yourself without the participation of the author of the program.
  • Built-in detailed help material.
  • Has its own video channel for working with the product.
  • Constantly updated INDESIT firmware database.
  • Built-in table for the selection of firmware INDESIT.
  • Working with MDL and INVENSYS (CANDY) modules at the firmware-configuration level is similar to the proprietary MEM programmer. After programming the INVENSYS module, check bytes are put down, adjusting the firmware to the flash version and excluding error E15.

For more detailed information, see the relevant sections.

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