At the moment there are three directions of Sky Prog Programmer by brands: for working with INDESIT, for working with CANDY and for working with ATLANT. Despite the fact that these are different programs, they are enclosed in one shell and are supplied under one common name.

In turn, each of these three programs can also have branches. Below is a graphical tree of the Sky Prog program, and then a more detailed description of each direction.

Sky Prog Programmer for Indesit has several different key features. This is also like different sftware, but packaged in one shell.

You can choose which features you need and buy only what you need without overpaying for what you don't need. In another way, you can say that you choose the program options you need. At the same time, in the future, you can always buy the missing functions by paying their cost.

The selected program package is called a configuration and has its own name and code.

Below is a brief description of the functions (options) of the software:

EP - the actions of this function are approximately similar to the actions of the proprietary programmer key from INDESIT and the corresponding software (or their analogues). You can read the configuration firmware from the electronic module (from EVO 2 to ARCADIA 3 and WINDY), view faults statistics (for washing machines, dishwashers, ovens), program a new configuration firmware for the model. A cheap device is used as a programmer - a USB-UART converter on an FT232RL chip.

RS - this function allows you to program the entire flash memory of microcontrollers installed in the electronic modules of ARCADIA 2 (except for HD64F39079LFZV), ARCADIA 3, WINDY, dishwashers of the latest series. You will be able to repair any complexity of the electronic module, including replacing the microcontroller with a new one or eliminating errors F12 and F09 in the event of a software failure. For a complete list of supported microcontrollers, as well as available SW (FW), see the program website in the NEWS section.

COM - the same as EP, only a device connected via a COM port is used as a programmer. This program feature is obsolete and undesirable for ordering.

USBDM - using this function, you can work with ARCADIA 1 electronic modules on FREESCALE MC9S08GB60 microcontrollers at the level of the entire flash memory. This means that it is possible to carry out repairs of any level, including replacing the microcontroller with a new one or fixing the F12 error in case of a software failure.

DB - this option means that the configuration firmware database is built into the program. As of April 25, 2022, the database contained 13058 firmware for electronic modules from EVO 1 to the latest series. Firmware in the database for various products: washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, dryers.

Sky Prog Programmer for Candy is the software for reading and programming the configuration zone (writing firmware) in Invensys and MDL electronic modules of Candy washing machines.

Using Sky Prog, you can flash the internal EEPROM of the Atmega 32 and Atmega 644 microcontrollers installed in Invensys modules with check bytes, avoiding the E15 error and not looking for firmware for a specific version of the flash processor.

At the moment there are two versions of the software for Candy: Candy Lite and Candy Plus. The second differs from the first only in the presence of a built-in firmware database.

Sky Prog Programmer for Atlant is a software for reading and programming the configuration zone (write firmware, reprogramming) of the external memory chip in the electronic modules of Invensys washing machines series 1, 2 and 4.

Using Sky Prog, you can read/program an external EEPROM memory chip 24C02.

It is also available to display error statistics and save the read firmware to disk.

The firmware database is built into the program by default.

For more detailed information, see the relevant sections:

       Indesit (Merloni)



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