RS Serial Programmer

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Serial Programmer is used for the RS function of the Sky Prog Programmer software. This function is designed to reprogram the entire flash memory of microcontrollers R5F52Z05AAFM and R5F51305ADFM from the manufacturer RENESAS, which are installed in electronic modules of the ARCADIA 2 (not on all), ARCADIA 3, WINDY series.

A USB-> UART adapter is used as a programmer device.

For more information about programmers, see the corresponding section:

       Equipment for programming -> RS Serial Programmer

This section covers the connection of the programmer hardware to the microcontroller, as well as examples on the most common electronic modules.

For work, you need to connect six wires from the programmer to the microcontroller, see the figures below.

The RX130/RX210 MCUs

USB-> UART adapter (programmer). For example, on the FT232RL chip

The table below shows the correspondence between the microcontroller pins and the programmer pins.

Microcontroller pin

Programmer device output

MD, #3

RES, #6

 VSS, #8

VCC, #10

P30, #14

P26, #16







It is not so important how to connect to the microcontroller on the PCB, although directly to the legs, but this is not convenient. It is better to track where the tracks lead from the desired legs and solder the wires to the test points or to larger parts on the PCB.

The figure below shows an example of connection to the electronic module ARCADIA 3 for a collector motor, version SW 250013 (250019)

The figure below shows an example of a connection to the electronic module WINDY STRIP for a collector motor, version SW 330020

On PCBs of other types, the task of tracking the points for connecting the programmer lies with the user.

You can send the author of the project photos of connections to various PCBs, your options.

The best works can be placed in the program's reference book in this section, with an indication of the author (optional).

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