Sky Prog Programmer for Indesit is the software for reading and programming the configuration zone (firmware - configuration, config), as well as the entire microcontroller memory in the ARCADIA and EVOII electronic modules of Indesit / Ariston washing machines.

The software consists of various functions (options) that can be purchased separately or together.

For details about each option, see the relevant sections:

       Indesit EP

       Indesit RS

       Indesit COM

       Indesit USBDM

       Indesit DB

This page provides a general description for all functions.

    Sky Prog Programmer is installed on a computer and works independently of the Internet.


    The program allows you to read / write to the internal EEPROM and / or FLASH memory, which is located inside the microcontroller, as well as external EEPROM (a separate memory chip).

    There is a demo version of the program. Distributed without restrictions. Download and try the program on your computer.

    Features of Sky Prog for Indesit/Ariston (Merloni):

  • MERLONI BRANDED PROGRAMMER-KEY IS NOT REQUIRED to connect the computer and the module;
  • Read/Write the microcontroller configuration zone (FREESCALE & RENESAS) of the Indesit Arcadia platform;
  • Reading and program the entire flash memory of the microcontroller (FREESCALE 60 kb) of the Indesit Arcadia platform;
  • Program the entire flash memory of the microcontroller (RENESAS RX130/RX210/RX115) of the Indesit Arcadia platform;
  • Show error statistics;
  • Built ARCADIA & EVOII firmware database;
  • Help for deciphering ARCADIA and EVO II error codes (by pressing F1) is included.

An additional benefit of the software is:

     Read/Write EVOII platform configuration zone;

     Error statistics ARCADIA 1, 2, 3, WINDY (for washing machines, dishwashers, ovens);

     EVO II error statistics (for washing machines);

     Help for deciphering ARCADIA and EVO II error codes (by pressing F1) is included.

Hardware (programming device).

     To connect the electronic module to a computer,  need a programming devices.

     For the EP function, it is proposed to connect a computer to the module via a COM port (RS232, Serial port) or via a USB port.

       USB Elinv Prog programmer

       USB FT232RL chip programmer

       COM port programmer

     For the RS function, a USB-UART converter (USB-COM) is required as an adapter, it can be used on various chips:

       Programmer for RS

     The USBDM function requires a USBDM programmer:

       USBDM programmer

Examples when need to program a module:

  • When installing a new unconfigured module or configured, but not for the desired model;
  • When installing a used module on a product of another model;
  • When replacing the microcontroller;
  • When replacing the FLASH memory of the microcontroller;
  • In case of software failure / damage to the internal or external EEPROM.

The program has been tested on operating systems:

- WindowsXP;

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7;

- Windows 10.

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