Connection to Atlant PCB

The figure below shows the electronic modules of the Atlant washing machines.

Despite their visual difference, they are absolutely similar.

  Despite the fact that for programming these modules, a separate contact pad with signed conclusions is displayed and, it would seem, connecting the programmer is very easy, many make mistakes.

  Probably misleading tracks signed as 0V and -5V.

  Many users mistakenly supply + power to a track signed as -5V.

  We omit the explanation, this topic is not about that.


  Just remember: to the 0V pin you need to apply + from the programmer, and to the -5V pin you need to apply GND.

  In addition, I recommend supplying power to these 3.3 Volt modules.

  See the picture on the left.

 Do not forget that you cannot connect the board to the 220 Volt network without galvanic isolation! Power will be supplied to the module from the programmer.

The following figure shows an example of connecting to the PCB using an SPP connector.

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