Sky Prog Programmer
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       Installation and removal of software Sky Prog Programmer

  • Download the archive with the installation file on page

    Downloading is only possible for users of the software Sky Prog Programmer.
    To confirm the page before downloading ask you to enter in the appropriate field of any of your keys.

    Download only this archive, you do not need anything else.
  • Run the installation file(installskyprog.exe ) in the archive downloaded.
    Enter in the appropriate field one of your keys and confirm by pressing the OK button.
    It starts software installation.
    Important note!
    The program Sky Prog Programmer has the function of searching for updates via the Internet.
    Because of this feature, some antiviruses may perceive the program as a trojan.
    To avoid consequences associated with moving the program files to quarantine, or completely removing them with antivirus, I recommend adding three files to the antivirus exceptions before installing the program, including the full path:
    Note that the path to the files may be different, for example, if Windows is installed on drive D and not C, then the path will be like this:

    Do not worry, Sky Prog Programmer is not a virus.
    Viruses, in contrast to Sky Prog Programmer software, are distribuning free!

  • The installation is now complete. In the menu START-> ALL PROGRAMS, and on the desktop shortcut to appear (Link to the application).
    Successful repair!

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