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Sky Prog Programmer for Candy is a program for reading and programming the configuration zone (firmware records) in the Invensys and MDL electronic modules of the Candy washing machines.

   An additional function is to display error statistics.

   Starting on December 19, 2015, a new version of CANDY PLUS * was introduced, which contains the program module - the parser of the firmware database Candy. With it, you will not need to search for the firmware somewhere, it will already be on your computer! **


**If such is available in the MEM database.

   Sky Prog Programmer is installed on the computer and works regardless of the Internet.

   The program allows you to read / write an external EEPROM (a stand-alone memory chip), as well as an internal EEPROM that is inside the microcontroller.

   In this case, after recording the firmware, the two control bytes necessary for correct operation of the module are inserted in the internal memory of the microcontroller.

   An important feature of the program is the recording of a new firmware into the internal EEPROM of the microcontroller and then recording the two control bytes, which allows not to search the firmware for a specific version of the FLASH controller. It is allows avoid the E15 error.

There is a demo version of the software. Distributed without restrictions. Download and test the program on your computers.

Hardware part (programmer device).

   A programmer is required for operation.

   At the moment, there are two options for connecting the computer to the PCB: via COM port (RS232, Serial port), or via USB port.

In which cases, you need to program the module:

   Having in your arsenal the Sky Prog Programmer tool, you will be able to keep in your stock a pair of the most running non-programmed modules, and when there is a need, you will can fast program the new module with the correct firmware for a client.


   The program checks for new versions and, if found, will ask you to update it.

   Updates are free!

   It is possible to reinstall the program on other computers.

The program was tested on operating systems:

- WindowsXP;

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7.



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