Here are the main errors that can occur when working with Sky Prog plus the Elinv Prog programming device or its equivalent on the FT232RL chip.

E1 and E17 The device does not respond. No response from the device (module).

Can occur when reading/programming an electronic module of any type.

The most common mistake. This is the most likely error that you will encounter if you will have the problems.

The error is treated like this:

In spite of numerous requests, Sky Prog did not receive a response from the electronic module.

Why this error occurs is described below.

  1. Theoretical description.

There are several components between the program and the module. Bellow all these elements are listed.

       1. Software Sky Prog Programmer

       2. FTDI Driver for FT232RL.

       3. USB port.

       4. Programmer Elinv Prog (or analog on the chip FT232RL).

       5. Wires and connectors that connect the computer, programmer and module.

       6. Electronic module.

If at least one of the components of all these points has at least a minor malfunction, an error E1 may occur.

2. Practical implementation.

       What should be done, in order of highest priority, to check all components:

               1. The first thing to do is to recheck the wiring connections, replace the cables, wires, connectors (I myself came across a bad contact in the connector         of the adapter between the FT232 programmer and the module and for a long time could not understand, because the malfunction was not permanent -                 the author's note)

               2. Before making conclusions about the malfunctioning of components, try several modules, at least one must be knowingly serviceable, taken off the         working product!

               3. Ensure that the programming device on the FT232RL chip is working. Make sure that this device is performed on the chip FT232RL and all pins are         connected correctly. Replace the FT232RL programming device. Devices ordered on sites of Chinese products often fail, and it sometimes happens that they are         faulty. That's why I recommend ordering two or three pieces at the same time from different vendors (note by the author)

               4. Try it on another computer

               5. Reinstall the driver FT232RL, you can try other versions, older ones. You can download them on the FTDI website.

If you have constantly or sometimes occured such a mistake, the author of the project urges you to take all responsibility to the fulfillment of all the points listed above. 

If you have a permanent error, and you are sure that you have completed all the steps listed, contact the author. 

At the same time, you need to understand that you need to provide the maximum information.

               The text of the form "Tell me what the problem is, the error E1" and the attached screenshot of the window with this error will not give the information                 specialist.

3. If none of the above and done did not help.

       Contact the author of the project (or other technical support people).

       Please provide the information listed below at the first call:

               1. What did you do from the above verifications chapters. What was not done and for what reasons.

               2. Pictures of electronics modules, photos of connections, where in detail, literally by wires, we will can see the connection of the module to the                 programmer.

               3. Screenshots of the Sky Prog settings window, the Basic and Device tabs, while the FT232RL programmer must be connected to the computer and to         the module. Also you need provide a screenshot of the open window "About the program ..." from the menu "Help"

               4. If different modules are tested, list which ones.

               5. Send a file with logs. For details on how to do this, see the section Difficulties during work->RS Function

               In addition, at the first request of the author or other person from the technical support, it is necessary to provide the requested information.

Attention! If one of the above is not fulfilled or the necessary information is not provided, the author of the project, like other technical support persons, reserves the right not to respond to your requests or respond with minimal references. Please take the trouble to comply with all requirements and provide all necessary information to solve your problem.

E2 There is no correct answer when sending the first instruction to the module.

Can occur when programming the INVENSYS CANDY module.

       Probably, the electronic module is defective.

E4 The checksum of the data packet in the response from the microcontroller did not agree.

It can occur when reading/programming the INVENSYS CANDY and INDESIT ARCADIA modules.

See the item with E1 error and follow the instructions of this paragraph.

E8 Error of instruction # 2 setting the checksum.

Can occur when programming the INVENSYS CANDY module

Hardly you ever see it. If this does happen, try programming again.

E16 Unknown version of FLASH.

It can occur when working with ARCADIA modules. This means that the electronic module responds, but the flash version or other technical characteristics of the module in response from it are unknown to the program.

Although the algorithm of the program Sky Prog when reading ARCADIA modules is quite intelligent and it does not have to hold all the characteristics about all possible versions of ARCADIA SW modules. However, there may be times when such an error will appear.

This may be the new ARCADIA series.

If at your work there was such error, please urgently address to the author of the project.

Provide the log file immediately. For details on how to do this, see the section Difficulties during work->RS Function

E64 or "Didn't match the control bytes".

Can occur when programming the INVENSYS CANDY module

Control bytes are not registered.

The firmware you are trying to program into INVENSYS is clearly not suitable. Choose the correct firmware.

EEP/EEP1 Device is not responding

It can occur when reading / programming the INVENSYS CANDY modules.

See the item with E1 error and follow the instructions of this paragraph.

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