Serial Programmer (USB->UART adapter) for RS function of the Sky Prog Programmer software.

With this programmer and the RS function of the software, you can fully program the memory of the RX130 and RX210 microcontrollers installed in the PCBs of the ARCADIA 2 (not all), ARCADIA 3, WINDY series.

Below are examples of adapters that have been tested by the author of the project.

1. On the FT232RL chip

2. On the CP2102 chip

When choosing the type of adapters, it is important to remember that in addition to the RX and TX pins, DTR and RTS must be outputted, they are necessary for operation.

How to connect the adapter to the microcontroller, read in the section:

Connection to PCB -> RS Serial Programmer

There are USB -> UART adapters on other types of microchips, for example: PL2303, CH340. It is possible that the software will work with them.

Below is a specific example of adapting the simplest converter on the FT232RL chip for Sky Prog Programmer RS according to the SPP scheme.

Connect RTS and CTS pins like so:

Perform a connector for soldering to the boards in the same color sequence:

The adapter and connector are ready for programming.

Connection to PCBs is in the section:

RS Serial Programmer

Ready-made programmers and connectors can be purchased on the program website.

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