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Currently, Sky Prog Programmer supports reading fully flash memory, showing error statistics, converting to s19, saving to s19 to disk, programming of all flash memory of microcontrollers FREESCALE MC9S08GB60 и MC9S08GB60A using the USBDM interface.

Buy USBDM tool can be on sites and

The USBDM device, which is sold by Sergey (profik) on the site, is also supported.

However, before using it, you need to update the USBDM software, as well as flashing the USBDM itself.

This also applies to other USBDM devices that have outdated internal firmware.

If the USBDM software and / or the firmware of the USBDM itself are outdated, Sky Prog will report this in the "Settings -> Main"

You can download the actual software for USBDM on the project website in the USBDM section or on the official website

After installing new USBDM software, if necessary, also update the internal firmware of the USBDM device. To do this, you need to launch the corresponding application via the button

"Start --> All Programs --> USBDM xx.xx.xx.xx --> USBDM Firmware Updater"

See the figure below.

In the window that opens, click on the "Program flash"

Do not forget to restart your computer after installing USBDM software.

If everything is done correctly, the device must be ready for operation.

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