After purchasing the Sky Prog Programmer software in the chosen configuration, you will receive two keys  on the e-mail in the form of twenty-digit character sets.

Also, detailed instructions on installing the software will be sent to you on e-mail.

On the website in the DOWNLOAD section you need to download the file for installation.

Download the archive, it contains an executable file that can be run directly from the archive without unpacking.

In the window that appears, enter one of the keys. Here you can change the installation location and change the language.

It is desirable that the installation location should contain only Latin letters.

After a total choosing click the button to install.

The installation component downloads the necessary files from the server, makes the necessary entries on the server and in the registry, then reports on the successful installation (or reports an error if something went wrong).


If your antivirus will report a threat, add the program's files to its exceptions.

Of course this is not a virus (viruses are distributed for free!). In the process, the program transmits / receives data from the Internet (when installing to download files, including executables, in the process of working to find updates), as a rule, this do not like it to antiviruses.


If the software reports that a new version was found, then in this case it needs to be reinstalled.

To do this, you must first uninstall the program correctly.

Through the "Start -> All Programs" button, you need to find the item "Sky Prog Programmer -> uninstall" and click on it.

Another option is to find and run the uninssp.exe file, which is in the program folder (by default this is: \ kds \ skyprog \, if you did not change it during installation).

If this file is not in this folder, you can download it at in the Download section.

When uninstalling, as with the installation, there must be an active Internet connection.


Versions of the software since 1.05 from 17 April 2018 and higher:

Next, the installation of the program will automatically start (it may be canceled).

Version of the software before 01.05 17 April 2018:

Next, you need to reinstall the program using the installation file with the same key.


If you want to transfer the program to another computer, you must perform the same procedure.

Databases with a firmware.

Versions of the software since 1.05 from 17 April 2018 and higher:

The required databases with firmware are downloaded automatically when the software is installed.

Version of the software before 01.05 17 April 2018:

If the configuration of your software supports databases with firmware, then these databases must be downloaded at in the DOWNLOAD section and put the files in the skyprog folder after installing the program.

Just keep an eye on the site for the updated databases (their names contain the date).

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