Table of firmware selection

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Table for selecting the firmware INDESIT (ARISTON / HOTPOINT)

One and the same model of home appliances company INDESIT can be produced at different factories, at different times, in different versions.

Therefore, different parts can be used in the same model. For example, a different electronic platform. In this case, the firmware for the same model will be different.

How to choose the right firmware for the model?

All INDESIT Company equipment has an industrial number. It can be found, for example, from a sticker on a product. See the image on the right.

The blue dotted line shows the serial number of the product, and the yellow industrial code.

Below is an example of how to find the firmware using this data.

Knowing the industrial number, you can find out exactly what firmware is needed.

However, the firmware code and the industrial code for the product are different.

Therefore, to select the firmware for a specific product, the author of the project did creat a firmware table and built into the software Sky Prog Programmer.

1. Launch the Sky Prog Programmer

2. Select the INDESIT EVO II or ARCADIA device in the program settings

3. Close the settings window and press the F2 key or call the table from the "Help -> Firmware table" menu

A new window opens with a list of models.

Use the built-in filter to find the model you need. You can input as part of the model, and part of the industrial number.

Note the "From S / N" and "To S / N" columns, i.e. to the serial number and after the serial number, respectively. It is necessary to compare the serial number of your product with the values of these columns.

It should be noted that in the serial number of INDESIT products the first digit means the year of manufacture, and the next two - the week of manufacture.

Look at the image below. As you can see, two firmware with the industry code 24535250800 are found.

The firmware number 1 in the table is used in products with serial number up to 90816 ..., i.e. in products produced before March 2009.

Firmware number 2 with code 50535250005 is used in products with serial number from 90817 ... to 50623 ..., i.e. in products manufactured from 2009 to 2015.

The serial number from the sticker, which we took as the example (see the image above), 502244136. Since this product can not produced in 2005, mean the date of its production is January 2015. The firmware with number 2 in the table is what we need.

The "Info" column contains information about the firmware, including the code. Click the left mouse button on the desired code to search for firmware in built-un firmware base.

Further firmware can be opened in the program Sky Prog Programmer or saved to disk, see section Firmware database INDESIT

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