Connection to the Candy MDL PCB (K6 connector) and Candy INVENSYS (J10 connector):

In the Candy MDL electronic modules, the firmware is in a separate chip - an external EEPROM 24C04 or 34F04, which is almost the same.

It stores the configuration for the product model and various variable values, for example, what errors and in what quantities occurred during the operation of the product.

When you will be program the firmware to the Candy MDL PCB, it is necessary to close the first three contacts in the K13 connector as shown in the figure below.

When working frequently with board of this type, it is recommended to make a jumper.

This jumper performs two functions:

  1. Enables writing to the upper area of the programmable external memory.
  2. Sets the RESET pin of the microcontroller to the "1" state, thus preventing it from interfering with the programming of external memory.

Below is a drawing with the connection of the programmer on the FT232RL chip and the connector, made according to the SPP scheme.

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