The programmer USB Elinv Prog (connection via USB port), performed on the chip FT232RL.

This device has been discontinued.

Go to the page ot the similar:

USB FT232RL chip

    To use this programmer you will need to install the driver. The distribution for Windows x86 and x64 can be downloaded here:

But it's better from the manufacturer's site of the chip, there are always the latest drivers:


The cost of USB Elinv Prog and shipment you need to clarify.

You can buy it on the manufacturer's website or order it when purchasing the Sky Prog Programmer software on website


The manufacturer's website USB Elinv Prog, documentation, sales, support:




    The author of Sky Prog Programmer has nothing to do with the development and production of USB Elinv Prog programmer.

    This device is taken as one of the hardware additions to the Sky Prog as an inexpensive and reliable product.

    With USB Elinv Prog the Sky Prog Programmer works clearly and steadily.

    In this case, the programmer is not used as a USB-to-COM converter and the high-speed read/write characteristics have excellent performance.




    Standard delivery package Elinv Prog:

1. Adapter for PCB Atlant 1, 2 and 4 series.

2. Adapter for free soldering.

3. When purchased together with the Sky Prog Programmer for Candy, an adapter for PCB Candy is additionally included.

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