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What is SkyProg Programmer?
    Sky Prog Programmer - this project is designed to work with electronic modules for household appliances. The overall objective of the project is to combine in one place as many opportunities as possible.
    Sky Prog Programmer for Indesit - is a program for reading and programming the zone configuration (write firmware) in the electronic modules of INVENSYS and MDL washing machines Candy group (Candy, Iberna, HOOVER).
In addition, Sky Prog works with Indesit ARCADIA PCB Indesit (option)
    The secondary function is to display statistics of errors.
    On the 19/12/2015, the introduced version CANDY PLUS, which contains the software module - parser of Candy firmware database. With it will not need somewhere to seek the appropriate firmware, it will already be on your computer!
    Sky Prog Programmer is installed on the computer and operates independently of the Internet.
    The software allows you to read/write the external EEPROM (free-standing memory chip), and internal EEPROM, which is located inside of the microcontroller.

    After programming the firmware into the internal memory of the microcontroller is written the control bytes. They are needed for the correct operation of the module.

    An important feature of the program is to write the new firmware into the internal EEPROM of the microcontroller and then record control bytes. This allows you not search the firmware for a certain version of FLASH controller.

There is a demo version of the program. Distributed without restrictions. Download and try the program.
Learn more about the demo version.

The hardware (interface, programmer).
    To work need a device for connecting a computer and an electronic module. Now offers two options for connecting the computer to the module: by COM port (RS232, Serial port), or by USB port.
More info in the SUPPORT section.
When you need to program the module:
  • When you install a new module is not configured.
  • When you install a used module on the product is another model.
  • When replacing the microcontroller.
  • When replacing the FLASH memory of the microcontroller.
  • When a software failure/damaged internal or external EEPROM.
    Имея в своём арсенале программу Sky Prog Programmer, Вы сможете держать в наличии на своём складе пару самых ходовых не прошитых модулей, а когда возникнет необходимость, прошить новый модуль нужной прошивкой и поменять клиенту без больших потерь времени.
    The program checks for new versions and, if detected, will ask you to update it.
It is possible to reinstall the software on other computers.

The program was tested on OS:

- WindowsXP;
- Windows Vista;
- Windows 7.

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