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   Q: What is the "corporate fad" of your program? After all, there are other instruments that are suitable for programming firmware?
   A: The main task of Sky Prog Programmer for Candy - is a record internal EEPROM microcontroller module Candy Invensys by I2C protocol and after writing put down control bytes, without which the electronics module will go into an error E15. This currently can only brand programmer MEM, and now Sky Prog Programmer. With this program, you no longer need to look for the firmware EEPROM for a specific version of FLASH. It will be enough to take the firmware from (-!-) Base, or free download of fairly well-known resource (see below) and program the Sky Prog Programmer.

   Q: Is it possible to write the FLASH memory of the microcontroller by Sky Prog?
   A:No, you cannot. Sky Prog Programmer does not use any software or hardware that are needed for the record FLASH.

   Q: What is the key to program Sky Prog? What he looks like? Is it possible to find a key or crack the program?
   A: The key is needed to install the program. It looks like this: 6bd383ad1d60fe8b1d65. When buying software the buyer receives two keys to be installed on two computers.
Choose key and install a "left" key is not possible.
Can hack anything.
However, copyright infringement is punishable by law in all countries.

   Q: Where to get the firmware?

   A: For example, the site
Firmware for Candy Invensys freely available.

   Q: On your website have is a diagram of the programming device to COM port. Can I use this scheme + converter USB -> COM?

   A: Through actual COM port maintained intervals between data packets. Using the converter is impossible. Programming modules Candy Invensys using this converter will not be performed properly.
So the answer is - no, the converter can not be used, only the real COM port or USB Elinv Prog. The latter, though a converter USB -> COM, but in the Sky Prog Programer is used by other technology.

   Q: How many computers can I install the program?

   A: When you purchase the program you are given two keys. Accordingly, you can set Sky Prog Programmer on two computers.

   Q:Sky Prog I have installed on two computers. On one computer program is no longer needed me. But the need for a third computer. A can i install it on the third computer?

   A: Yes. Correctly remove Sky Prog Programmer uninstallation file included with the program from the computer on which the work is no longer required. You can then install the software on a third computer.

   Q: In the computer has stopped working Windows, while I could not uninstall the Sky Prog.
Now the key is not valid, an error occurs during installation "program with the same key has already been installed". What to buy keys again?
   A: No, you do not need to rush to re-purchase the keys. Write to the author of the program that you have such a problem. You to unlock an entry in the database on the server, and you can re-install the program.

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