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INFORMATION on database with INDESIT/ARISTON firmware:
Current version IND_DB: 15-09-2020
Number of the firmware: 12869
A complete list of firmware in the database is available here...
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.12
Main updates:
Changed the display of error statistics INDESIT
Added function to display last error (last two errors) for ARCADIA and WINDY
Added new versions of WINDY
Updated INDESIT firmware database
Updated CANDY firmware database
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.11
Main updates:
Updated table for selecting firmware.
The INDESIT firmware database has been significantly updated. Now it contains 12837 firmware.
A new code has been added to the INDESIT firmware database for search, which was introduced by WHIRLPOOL engineers (starts at 400 ...)
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.10
Main updates:
The function of working with the boards of ATLANT washing machines (series 1, 2, 4) has been expanded. Now you can see the error statistics, and also introduced the calculation of the checksum of the firmware.
Added a built-in database with firmware for ATLANT washing machines, series 1, 2 and 4.
INDESIT firmware database now contains 10680 firmware.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.09
Main updates:
A new alert system has been introduced.
The INDESIT firmware database contains 10669 firmware.
Added new SW for ARCADIA 3 PCB
The software lock is disabled in cases where the mysql database is not available on the server.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.08
Main updates:
Changed software installation structure.
In this regard, an important note:
on the page Download need to download the new installer to install the software!!!

INDESIT firmware database contains 10662 firmware.
Added new SW for the ARCADIA 3 boards.
The software with the Candy Plus option is now completed with several CANDY firmware databases.
Switching between different firmware databases is now easy and fast.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.07
Main updates:
Added function to view error statistics of washing machines with ARCADIA 3 boards.
INDESIT firmware database contains 10450 firmware.
Implemented quick help system. These are windows with hints and tips designed to help novice users.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.06
Main updates:
Added support for reading and programming ARCADIA 3.
The built-in database with firmware INDESIT is significantly updated and now contains more than 10,000 firmware.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.05
Main updates:
Added checksum calculation for Candy MDL, Indesit EVO II, ARCADIA (configuration zone).
The SW firmware added to the built-in Idesit database (only for versions with USBDM device support)
To help with the choice of firmware for INDESIT, a special table was added, called by pressing the F2 key from the running program.
Now there is no need to download separately the firmware database from the site. They are downloaded automatically when the program is installed.
More information in the update logs
A complete user's guide is available.
The user's guide as a website:, can also be downloaded from the site in PDF format and, of course, the guide is available from the launched program by pressing the F1 key.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.04
Main updates:
Now there is a direction with support for INDESIT.
EVO II, ARCADIA 1,2. Support for various programmers, including USBDM for working with all the memory of the microcontroller ARCADIA 1.
More information in the update logs
Sky Prog Programmer version 01.04
Main updates:
The program was divided into two versions: Candy Lite & Candy Plus
The latter contains a database with firmware.
More information in the update logs
The program Sky Prog Programmer is presented and the DEMO version is available.
Download the complete user manual in PDF:

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