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   Q: What is the "corporate fad" of your software? After all, there are other instruments that are suitable for reading and writing firmware?
   A: The most important difference Sky Prog Programmer for Indesit from other tools is that when using use PCB ARCADIA no tool required key Merloni, the price of which currently amounts to approximately 160 USD.
On the contrary - if you have a computer with a COM port, you can save considerably on the interface, gathering the simplest circuit with a minimum of parts.

   Q: Is it possible to flash the entire FLASH microcontroller program Sky Prog?
   A: Yes, it is possible to read and write the entire flash memory of the microcontroller FREESCALE, which are used in many electronic boards of the ARCADIA. See here

   Q: Where to get the needed firmware?
   A: Buy a software configuration that contains a built-in database firmware.
Or, for example, on the website


   Q: On your site there is a diagram of the programmer for the COM port. Can I use this scheme + Converter USB - > COM?

   A: Using a real COM port maintained intervals between data packets. Through the converter it is unfortunately impossible. Programming of the PCB Indesit Arcadia using such a converter will not be performed properly.
So the answer is no, the Converter cannot be used, only the real COM port or USB Elinv Prog. Last, although the converter is a USB -> COM, but in the Sky Prog software it is used by other technologies.

   Q: On how many computers I can install the Sky Prog software?

   A: When you purchase the program you two keys get. Accordingly, you can install the Sky Prog Programmer on two computers at the same time.

   Q: Sky Prog I have installed on two computers. One of them I no longer required. But the need install on a another, third computer. Can I install it on the third computer?

   A: Yes, you can do it. Correctly delete Sky Prog Programmer via the uninstall file, the included programs from the computer on which the work is no longer required. You can then install the software on a third computer.

   Q:My the Windows OS was broken and I could not uninstall the Sky Prog.
Now the key is not valid when installing an error occurs "the program with the same key already installed". What to buy keys again?
   A: No, do not rush to re-purchase the keys. Write to the author of the program that you have such a problem happened. Author will unlock an entry in the database on the server and you will be able to re-install the program.

   Q: After install the software it will "bound" to the components of the computer. Not very happy with this option. Is it possible somehow differently?

   A: The options are not so much. Can, for example, to "bind" to the serial number of USB Elinv Prog. But what about those who already have it? Buy again? And if your the programmer device will lost will have to buy and programmer and program? This also not a very good option...
Can order and send USB keys. But in this case the cost of the program will increase, because the volumes are not great and the USB key will be expensive. Also, without such a key, if it is not inserted in the USB port, the software will not work. If the key will remain in the same computer, for example, at work, and You need to use the program at home or "line"? Also it turns out so-so...
And, of course, if we do not put nor any protection, all the same it is clear that in a couple of days after the start of sales of the program will appear on the Internet for free access.

   Q: And the better Your Sky Prog for Indesit than brand programmer or other paid product of this kind?

   A: Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
   But the main thing distinct advantage Sky Prog Programmer - for connecting the computer and the electronic board does not need the key to the brand Indesit.

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