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What is software Sky Prog Programmer?
    Sky Prog Programmer - this project is designed to work with electronic modules for household appliances. The overall objective of the project is to combine in one place as many opportunities as possible.
Currently the program works with PCBs: CANDY, INDESIT Co. (ARISTON, HOTPOINT), ATLANT.
    Sky Prog Programmer for Indesit - is a program for reading and programming the zone configuration (write firmware), as well as all memory of the microcontroller (optional) in the electronic modules of ARCADIA and EVOII washing machines Indesit/Ariston.
In addition, Sky Prog works with Candy PCB Candy (option)
    The secondary function is to display statistics of errors.
The following video demonstrates the reading of the ARCADIA 3 board with the help of the simplest and very affordable programmer on the FT232RL microcircuit with the subsequent display of error statistics and the reprogramming of the module.

    Sky Prog Programmer is installed on a computer and operates independently of the Internet.
    The software allows you to read/write the internal EEPROM and / or FLASH memory, which is inside the microcontroller, as well as the external EEPROM (freestanding memory chip).

There is a demo version of the program. Distributed without restrictions. Download and test the software on their computers.
Learn more about the demo version.

Features Sky Prog for Indesit/Ariston (Merloni):
  • To connect the computer and the module NOT REQUIRED THE KEY MERLONI (INDESIT COMPANY);
  • Working with boards: EVO II, ARCADIA 1, 2, 3, WINDY;
  • Read/Write microcontroller configuration zone Indesit Arcadia platform (FREESCALE & RENESAS);
  • Programming the entire flash memory of the microcontroller RENESAS 128 kb INDESIT ARCADIA 3, WINDY series;
  • Read all flash memory microcontroller platform Indesit Arcadia 1, FREESCALE 60kb);
  • Error statistics;
  • Support USBDM programmer to MCU FREESCALE - reading, statistics, program flash memory (INDESIT ARCADIA 1);
  • Built-in user-friendly converter for S19 merger firmware-SW and firmware configurations;
  • Test components - is planned;
  • Database firmware ARCADIA 1,2,3 and EVO 1,2 (option). The current version 22-05-2024 contains 13599 firmware and optional SW firmware for working with the entire FLASH memory of ARCADIA 1 boards
    A complete list of firmware in the database is available here...
  • Built-in table for selecting firmware by code and serial number of the model;
  • Including assistance in deciphering ARCADIA error codes and EVO II (by pressing F1).
An additional benefit of the software is to:
  • Supports Drag & Drop technology: to download the file in the Sky Prog Programmer enough to drag the mouse the desired file in the window;
  • Read/Write EVOII platform configuration zone;
  • Error statistics EVOII;
  • Including assistance in deciphering ARCADIA error codes and EVO II (by pressing F1)
  • Included the support for working with PCB of ATLANT washing machines, series 1, 2, 4. Read firmware, write firmware (reprogramming), error statistics, checksum calculation;
  • Built-in firmware database for ATLANT washing machines, series 1, 2, 4;
The hardware (interface, programmer).
    For work will need a programmer.
    At the moment there are two options of connecting a computer to the module: via the COM port (RS232 Serial port), or via a USB port.
Please refer to SUPPORT
When it is necessary to program the module:
  • When a new module is not configured or configured, but not under the appropriate model;
  • When you install a used module for the product of another model;
  • When replacing the microcontroller;
  • When replacing the FLASH memory of the microcontroller;
  • Failure / damage of internal or external EEPROM.
Attention! In the future, possible support for other programmers, for example, USB TO I2C (on MC CH341). At the same time the support of these interfaces will be offered as an option.
Below is a video with the work on programming the ARCADIA 3 PCB (collector motor), fixing the F12 error:

The following video demonstrates how to solve F12 problems in ARCADIA 1 electronic modules using the Sky Prog Programmer software plus a USBDM programmer.

    The program automatically checks for new versions (when connected to the Internet) and, if detected, will ask you to re-install it.
    Upgrading the program is free!
    You can reinstall the software on other computers.

The program is tested on the operating systems:

- WindowsXP;
- Windows Vista;
- Windows 7;
- Windows 10.

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