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For work required to connect the electronic module to the computer.
The following are the three options, through COM port (RS-232 Serial Port), through USB port and using the USBDM interface.

Diagram to connect via COM port:
Схема для подключения через COM порт Note.
    Use this scheme only if hardware COM port! Sky Prog Programmer is not intended to work through the converter USB-->COM. With this configuration greatly decreases speed and causes errors.

Connection to Indesit Arcadia:
Подключение к модулю Indesit Arcadia
    Attention! The COM port has no output for powering any devices (unlike USB). In this scheme, to supply the electronic circuit boards were used the signal outputs of the COM port. Depending on the computer, power from the COM port may not be enough. In this case, we need to organize the power of the board separately.
    For example, from the battery to 4.5 Volts, as shown in the figure below, or from the 9-volt battery.
    Can also be used as a power supply positive pin from the USB port on that computer.
But in any case it is impossible in this circuit provide power supply 220 volts!
Подключение к модулю Indesit Arcadia
    The following picture shows the connection of the ARCADIA PCB via a homemade programmer device for COM port, powered directly from the USB port of +5.
Подключение к модулю Indesit Arcadia

    On all questions relating to the program Sky Prog Programmer, please contact its author via E-Mail:

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