Indesit COM

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This version of the program supports working through the system COM port (only hardware COM) of the computer supplemented with a simple electronic circuit, which is offered to be assembled on its own.

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With the help of this programmer you can perform the following actions:

The table below describes the differences in configurations:  Sky Prog Programmer Indesit EP, Sky Prog Programmer Indesit COM and Sky Prog Programmer Indesit USBDM. As an example, an electronic module of the ARCADIA-1 series is considered.

The figure on the left shows the memory map of the microcontroller FREESCALE MC9S08GB60 / MC9S08GB60A

Microcontrollers of this type were installed on electronic modules INDESIT / ARISTON series ARCADIA-1.

As can be seen from the figure, the user's FLASH memory of the MCU is divided into two zones, which are located at the addresses 0x107F - 0x17FF and 0x182C - 0xFFFF.

A blue color indicates the configuration zone for the product model (Configuration Area).

Here are various information that determine the functions of the product for which the electronic module was programmed. Also in this zone the serial number of the product, the product code and the model name are programmed.

Configurations Sky Prog Programmer Indesit EP and Sky Prog Programmer Indesit COM

With Sky Prog Programmer in these configurations, in conjunction with the Elinv Prog / USB FT232RL USB tools and the programmer device via the COM port, respectively, we can read the configuration zone, as well as the entire FLASH memory of the microcontroller, but only if the FLASH memory is already programmed SW (software, program) ARCADIA 1 and SW are not damaged.

Overwrite (re-program) we can only configuration zone. We can reprogram for another model, but we can not reprogram the SW and we can not program the flash memory on the pure MK.

However, with the help of these tools, you can also work with the ARCADIA-2 and ARCADIA-3 series modules. But again, only with the configuration zone.

Configuration Sky Prog Programmer indesit USBDM

With the Sky Prog Programmer software in this configuration, in conjunction with the USBDM tool, you can operate with all FLASH memory.

In other words, you can program an entirely new microcontroller with a clean memory, for example, under the desired washing machine or refrigerator. Of course, this set of tools is more universal and has more features, but this only works with ARCADIA-1 modules.

With the ARCADIA-2 and ARCADIA-3 modules, the USBDM tool can not work, because they have the others microcontrollers.

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