The EP function allows you to work with boards from EVO 2 to ARCADIA 3 and WINDY at the firmware-configuration level (reading, writing, displaying error statistics for washing machines, dish washers, ovens).

Configures the electronic module for the model. It operates approximately similarly to the MERLONI key-programmer (or its analogues) plus proprietary software (or analogues).

To connect the electronic module to the computer, a I2C programmer based on the FT232RL chip is used.

Please note that with this option it is impossible to program a new clean microcontroller, just like getting rid of the F12 fault.

To solve these problems, there are RS and USBDM program options. Please refer to the relevant sections.

For the programmer on the FT232RL chip, you need to install drivers. Refer to USB Elinv Prog and USB FT232RL chip sections for more details.

      With this function, you can perform the following:

    • Read firmware (configuration zone) from EVO II and ARCADIA electronic module on FREESCALE and RENESAS microcontrollers (ARCADIA 1, ARCADIA 2, ARCADIA 3, WINDY);
    • Read all flash memory from the FREESCALE MC9S08GB60 microcontroller (60 kB);
    • View error statistics (for washing machines, for dishwashers, for ovens) Examples...;
    • Save on PC the read firmware;
    • Program the electronic module (configuration zone) for the required model.

      When this feature can be useful:

    • Read firmware and see error statistics;
    • Read the firmware and save it to a computer disk for your collection;
    • Reset (erase) statistics;
    • When installing a new unconfigured PCB or configured, but not for the desired model;
    • When installing a used PCB on a product of another model;
    • When replacing the microcontroller with subsequent programming of the flash memory or changing the FLASH memory of the microcontroller with other tools;
    • In case of software failure / damage to the internal or external EEPROM memory.

      Recommended sections for viewing:

       Equipment for programming -> USB -> USB Elinv Prog

Equipment for programming -> USB -> USB FT232RL chip

Connection to PCB -> EVO II

Connection to PCB -> ARCADIA -> USB Elinv Prog

Connection to PCB -> ARCADIA -> USB FT232RL chip


     How to use.

1. Connect the programmer to the electronic module;

2. Connect the programmer to the USB port of the computer;

3. Open the Sky Prog Programmer with support for the EP function;

4. Open settings, select USB Elinv Prog in the Main tab;

5. In the Device tab, select Indesit EVO II or Indesit ARCADIA;

6. Exit the settings by confirming the choice;

7. Click the "Read Device" button if you want to read the firmware. After a successful reading, the main window of the program will display the filled buffer B or C. To view data on the read firmware and statistics, click on the "Statistics" button. To save the read firmware, use the "File" program menu;

8. To reprogram the electronic module, you need to load the required firmware into buffer A. This can be done through the "File" menu of the program, either by dragging the firmware file into the program window (can be disabled by the operating system), or by opening the required firmware from the built-in firmware database (if your program has the DB option);

9. Click the "Statistics" button to check the firmware loaded in buffer A. Here you can also change the serial number in the firmware;

10. Click on the "Write Device" button.

      In case of a successful operation, the status bar at the bottom of the program will display the Last action: Read, OK or Write, OK

In case of errors, the program will report this.

In this case, refer to the section:

       Difficulties during work -> Decode Sky Prog errors

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